Friday, February 10, 2012

Blow Bubbles: How to Have Fun in LA Traffic

Traffic in LA... It's a bitch sometimes! No, really. And I never swear on this blog, but I get to swear when it comes to talking 'bout traffic.  Those of you who have braved driving here understand my agony and have plenty of profanities for it that I won't use on this blog. For those of you who have never driven here, I often find myself taking an hour to drive 10 miles. Ugh... Being tapped into one of the main pulses of western civilization comes with a price.

Today was different though. For about 20 minutes, I drove behind a man who was alone in his car. His bumper sticker read, "I love anthropology" and he was holding a bubble gun out the window!  He was shooting a stream of constant bubbles, and he gave me a good laugh while creeping through traffic tonight.

Bubbles in traffic. Who knew?  This guy deserves an award. Why? Because he made me laugh, and because I know he's not going to take life too seriously. He's a lesson to us all. Don't let traffic (or the man) get you down! Blow bubbles! Or do something equally silly (like fly a kite out the window, wear a clown nose at the wheel, or my favorite--which I've done in the past--fill the car with balloons, crack the window, and let the air blow them around the car. It looks really cool from the outside, and believe it or not, the balloons don't impair your driving vision). The world can get so serious and scary sometimes, but the key is to not let it get us down. This bubble guy is my hero of the day. Live it up!

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