Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mystic Donut

This is another one of my late night inspirational writing sprees, the kind that doesn't let me sleep until I've typed it out. I don't have much to say, but I have to share the story of my manifested donut.

Two nights ago I was watching the Simpsons, which, by the way is now 20 years old! And I've been watching it ever since it came on air! Anyway, I saw a donut on this particular episode and, even though it was just a cartoon donut, I really, really wanted it. I admit I even drooled, and my heart began to pine for a bavarian cream-filled donut with a sweet melty chocolate glaze.

That was it. I finished watching the episode without pondering more on my donut passion and then I went to sleep.

The next morning I embarked on my journey to find a coffee. After I purchased the only substance that I'm really addicted to, I went back to my car. I was just about to shut the door and I heard, "You, hey you! You heard me..." I peeked my head out the door, and low and behold, a man was standing there with a large bucket FULL OF DONUTS!!! He said, "Would you like some donuts to help you enjoy your ride?" I almost heard the angelic choirs sing, but then my logical mind--the one that didn't manifest the donut--came in and said, "You can not eat that donut! It has too many calories!" And that was it. I gave into my mind. I passed on the donut, but it was so cool that the universe brought me to a bucket of donuts the morning after craving just one!

It's fabulous. I wanted a donut with all my heart, and I wasn't even consciously manifesting it. It's almost scary how easy it was. It was one of those, "be careful what you wish for" kind of moments. It's a great reminder for us all. You want it? You can have it, especially when the passion and emotion is there. It can be a donut, a puppy, a career change or peace. You just have to put the love into it. On the flip-side, if I vehemently said, "I hate donuts. I hate 'em! I hate 'em", I could have just as easily manifested that bucket. It's all how you want to play the game. The emotion will attract the details of your life either way.

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Interview On Radio Station WERU of Bluehill, Maine 1/12/10

Here's another radio interview where I share more experiences from my time in Afghanistan. This is my first east coast interview and I feel so incredibly blessed that I keep getting more and more media. It's amazing to have the chance to be heard, especially with a story that is not necessarily mainstream. My next known radio interview is on KPFK on February 1st. Of course, I'll post it here. Listen to the full interview here.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome To My Podcast

Left: I have already listed my podcast on iTunes with this logo.

I think this is almost overdue, but I've done it. I started a podcast with the same name of Galactic Stillness. It's an extension of my blog. It will include stories of world travel and synchronicity. I want to keep my entries short, unless they're interviews with fascinating people who deserve more than five minutes. I'm not sure what I'm doing, but I'm just excited that I have a new creative outlet to play around with. Listen to my first podcast episode called "Little Buddha Packing Heat".

Monday, January 11, 2010

Year Of The Roar! Here I Go!

Yes, the year of the tiger is coming soon, but I feel like it has already started. It's a time to be bold and to step into our power with bravery and grounded footsteps. For the more playful of minds, it's time to bounce, pounce and seize the day! I believe it's time for all of us to shine with what we do best. Everyone I talk to seems to feel the same. There's collective excitement in the air, and I can barely contain myself. Why do you think I'm writing this blog entry at midnight :-)

I have an amazing astrological chart for this year, but I don't need the planets to tell me that things are already off to a spectacular start. So much happened last week. So much has happened today and it's only Monday. Out of respect for others involved, I can't publicly share everything that I'm cooking up right now. Just trust that I'm working on amazing creative projects and I will be able to reveal more as the year goes on. Most of them are film related. I will throw you one bone; I'm currently working on a documentary short for the fine folks at 30 Hour Day who produced the first-ever live streamed telethon for the inter-tubes back in December. They raised about $7,000 for charity, and I'm so proud of their amazing contribution to the world. Learn more about it here and be on the lookout for the next 30 Hour Day in July.

I can say that I'm going to new levels with sharing my positive experiences of the Afghan people, from when I lived there back in 2004 and 2005. Last Saturday was my first east coast interview (on WERU in Maine) and it was my first step towards going bicoastal with my story. It will air on Tuesday and I'll post it here when I get a link. My parents said that they will blast it out their car windows when it airs. :-) I love them and appreciate their enthusiasm and support so much.

My book Butterfly On The Road is manifesting, slowly but surely. I really believed that it would be out by now. What can I say? I could get upset, but I won't because I believe in divine timing. I trust that everything in my life unfolds beautifully, even if I can't see the big picture.

In February, I will take a magical mystery tour down the west coast, from Portland to LA with synchronistic stops along the way. I know I'll stop in San Francisco, and I'm open to other stops if the universe happens to pull me in an obvious direction. As with all my travels, I'm going for some known reasons. For one, I will be making different stops to speak about Afghanistan. If you want me to speak at your school, organization, company or radio station etc., please let me know. I'm also going for reasons unknown, so stay tuned to see how it magically unfolds.

Other than that, I'm starting a podcast soon. It would have been live by now, but my scratchy throat has forced me to wait. I'm doing it because I want to share my stories of spirit and adventure in another format. I'll share my own stories and interview other galactic travelers too. That's all. I just like to be creative in as many ways as possible.

So, my cat Yoshi is pawing at me. He knows it's past my bedtime and he is persistently giving me all the signs that it's time to sleep. Thanks for reading. I wish you the best this year. And away we go!

Big Love,