Sunday, January 27, 2013

Burgers & Mysticism

I was at a diner yesterday morning, and it hit me. Manifesting what you want--whether it's a relationship, job or anything in life--is like ordering a hamburger. Yes, I'm using greasy diner food to illustrate mystic wisdom. :-) Be clear with the waitress if you don't like onions on your burger, and make sure she knows that you want the special sauce. If you forget the finer details, you won't get what you want. It's that simple, and please don't complain when the burger comes with onions and no sauce. That's the way you ordered it, and remember this the next time you order a burger so you can get it right.

Manifesting is also like a diner, because you know the food will come. Do you get stressed out, and wonder if the food will come? No! You know the drill and expect it to arrive. You have a knowingness. This is what it's like when you successfully manifest your desire. You just know that what you want will arrive, and then it does. Please remember that attachments, stress and ego usually get in the way. So if you get cranky with your waitress, she might drag out the delivery time of said burger, or secretly place who knows what inside of it. Kindness and patience are key.

So ask for that career change, relationship or dream vacation as if you're ordering a burger. Don't stress, and know that it's coming.

That is all. Over and out.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

So You Want A Sign?

Happy New Year and happy new paradigm! Do you feel the shifts in consciousness? I sure do. It's breathtaking how easy it is to manifest and create these days.

So I'm back! Sorry, last year I got really quiet in the blog world, but with good reason. I'm getting deeper and deeper into my journey as a film producer.  I expect things to get busier this year, so I don't think I'll blog as much as I did in previous years. I will do my best to keep posting updates on all the miracles, which are definitely hard to keep track of these days. :-)

I'm in Los Angeles, feeling like a mere guppy, swimming in and around Hollywood. It's strange. Most days I get to swim with the dolphins: amazing producers and directors with pure hearts, brains and golden intentions. And then there are the other days, the ones that thankfully don't happen too much. Oh yeah, I run into the sharks: egomaniacs, extreme narcissists and people who will do most anything to turn a buck. Those are the days when I want to run away screaming. Those are the days when I miss living in Afghanistan--in a war zone--because the people there were so humble and real.

Several weeks ago, I woke up in one of those funks. I thought, "I'm really here? Why am I doing this? Can't I just run off and work for the UN again?", but then I reminded myself that life in those war-torn places became familiar. It sounds crazy, but war zones became my comfort zones, and somehow, by the grace of the goddess, I conquered all the challenges I met there. Going back would be the easy way out. I can't do that right now.

My ego was trying to fool me. It said, "Who are you to think that you can be a film producer?!?. That's not your path." My heart said, "Girl, quiet down. Meditate and pray." So I did. I sat in full lotus and lit some luscious spiced incense that brought a piece of Asia back to my nose. I said, "Universe, please show me a sign, a big fat sign that this path is right for me. Thank you."

The day continued. My dear friend Bjorn took me out for lunch with his friend Vic. Vic likes to raise tons of money to build schools and orphanages in Tibet and Nepal. This type of philanthropy is also a passion of mine. For many years, I sent Nepalese village kids to school on my own dime.

Vic and I had much to discuss. We're both versed in Buddhist practices and history. We love Kathmandu, and getting lost on treks in the majestic Himalayan heights. Two hours whirled by like two minutes. It was unspoken, but Vic and I knew we were from the same tribe.

During our conversations of adventures, philanthropy and peace, a voice kept popping up from within. It said, "Ask about Lama Wangdu. Ask about Lama Wangdu!!" louder and louder. By the end of our conversations, I finally listened to the message and said to Vic, "Do you know Lama Wangdu? He's my Buddhist teacher in Nepal." His face broke into a thousand-watt smile and said, "Of course! I studied in his monastery in Boudhanath (in Kathmandu)!!!" Then Vic reached inside his shirt and pulled out a necklace that held a small silver Tibetan medicine locket. Lama Wandgu gave it to Vic, but he didn't have to tell me--Lama Wangdu gave me the same necklace years before.

"So you want a sign" says the Universe. "Here's your sign, kid." My meditation request was answered that day. And yes, you bet I'm on my path. I know it, but the reminders are nice sometimes.

Pictured Below: He's the man. My Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Lama Wandgu.