Saturday, April 11, 2009

Synchronicity Led Me to My First Television Appearance

So last week I gave a talk at Interesting Portland. I got to explain why I went to Afghanistan.

Before my talk, I was catching up with a friend and explaining to her how I was getting prepared to attract more media for my story (getting my website ready for media, doing more interviews etc.) Just as the words fell from my lips, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and it was Emily, one of the event coordinators. She told me how KGW, an NBC affiliate, wanted to interview me minutes later. My friend, my husband, and time stood still with me as we all witnessed the synchronicity come storming in. It was funny, because I made my wish to the universe that day, asking for more wonderful and positive media regarding my story to come my way. As with my talk at Ignite Portland last year, I had the feeling that something miraculous was going to happen that night--some piece of the puzzle of getting my book out there in the world would be given to me. Click here to watch how it went.

I'll end this with what happened on Twitter this morning :) I made a tweet about Afghanistan, and then someone else on Twitter responded:

@lilbutterfly I just saw a young lady on the news in Portland this week. She went to Afghanistan w/$100 & found work!

I (@lilbutterfly) responded on Twitter saying, "@cfpdx That was me on the news :)"

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