Sunday, August 13, 2006


Yesterday I met a man who wittingly declared to be Bewish, which is a combination of Judaism and Buddhism. He said that this amalgamated state enables him to say things like “Om Shalom” and eat curried gefilte fish. I was at a party when we crossed paths, and after his declaration, he pulled me aside as if the others couldn’t process his philosophy, and whispered, “And honey, let me tell you that I am God, because to make it outside of myself would be codependent”.

He then told me how I need to write the first chapter of my book soon, and that's exactly what I was thinking during the week leading up to this encounter.

Yet again, I attracted an external reflection that confirms all these crazy ideas floating around inside. I like this concept of “the one”. It suits me well.

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Rob said...

So this combination would lead to "enlightened guilt"? Also the god within anti-codependent stance would be consistent with islam's sufism, which holds that god is within each.

So that would make a trinity of sufi-judiasm-buddhism, which would be consistent with christianity's three headed god, thus yielding christ-sufi-judi-buddhi.

Only in the land of the lotus eaters...