Saturday, August 12, 2006


Yesterday I chatted with a friend who is currently living and working in China, and he said that he can’t read about any of my galactic travels because the Chinese government has blocked all blog sites on the internet. So I’ve officially been banned! It's harder to burn books or words online, and apparently this is my writer’s passage or milestone in my development.

I think it’s an honor since it means I’m speaking the truth and that’s what the Chinese government fears. The funny thing is that, in my own experience, running away and denying the facts sometimes brings the truth faster. I think this falls under the laws of negative attraction.

It makes me wonder what it's like to get on the internet in China. I can imagine just one accessible website that is the official site of the Chinese governent. No need for search engines or "surfing the net". Makes it easy, doesn't it?

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