Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Update

I saw this hippo at Disney's Animal Kingdom back in September. I'm now inspired to reincarnate as a hippo. :-)

This year, my ruptured appendix (thankfully) forced me to have a quiet and relaxing summer. Recovery took several months, and I'm told that one typically takes a year to fully recover from surgery. Every now and then, I understand that when I feel a weird pain in the area of my scar, or if I feel unusually tired. Most of the time, I'm feeling pretty happy and well. I've been going to the gym a lot, and taking better care of myself, more then ever before.  This is the year that I really got how invincible I'm not. That's ok, and I think it's a blessed reminder.  I needed that kick to really get a little more serious about my health.

I had a good 6 weeks of family time from August to September. My in-laws visited from India, and then we all (husband included) went to Disney World to meet up with my parents. It was a trip to visit Disney World as an adult. I now think of it as a PG 13 Burning Man, because it's all about many worlds that you can easily move between, and there's an overall theme of magic.

From Frontier Land, to Fantasy Land, to a country pavilion, or a Hollywood type film studio, it's easy to experience so much in one day. The technology and artistic energy is everywhere. Some have serious judgements about Disney World--and they usually seem to be the people who haven't been there--but I really got to enjoy it for what it is. I admit, I don't fully agree with some of Disney's practices that I've read about in the past, but I also admit that I haven't found an organization or company that I have ever fully agreed with. So is life.

I was impressed with Disney's genuine effort to make greener operations in the park, and to advance technology and how we live in general. If you've ever been to the hyrdroponic greenhouse at Disney's Epcot to see all of it's organically produced vegetables, or what Disney is doing for animal preservation and education, you'll know what I mean. The best part for me, hands down, was to see my parents having fun, and enjoying the break from their lives at home.

I returned home in late September, and now I'm preparing for a new period. In November, as I mentioned in my previous blog post, I will have the honor of speaking at the Leaders Causing Leaders conference. Then I will go to New York City to edit a documentary about Iraq with my friend & colleague Peter Bussian, who I worked with at the UN in Kabul. Peter and I are also working on his film that he wrote called Scarlet Poppy. I'm thrilled to return to New York, my place of birth that is responsible for many of my sweet and adventurous childhood memories.

Internally speaking, I've had an introspective time this year. I don't feel like I've been an activist in the world outside my head and my body. I do feel like I have been the best activist that I can be, and what I mean to say is that I've been working on myself, how I feel and how I process the world.  I've given up on trying to heal the world outside of me first. What I really care about is starting within myself, and maybe, just maybe it will start to radiate into my outer world. I could be wrong, but I'm giving it a try. I'll let you know how it goes.

This is probably not the most interesting update, I admit. I do want to keep myself in the habit of writing and sharing, no matter how painful it can be.

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