Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dare to Go Where You Fear, or How I got to Afghanistan With $100-My Presentation for Ignite Portland

Photo credits for presentation:

Lina Abirafeh
Marie Frechon
Liz Grover
Aykut Tavsel


T. K. said...

Great presentation. Very inspiring and well done!

Anonymous said...

I tell ya, the thought of representative government in places like that brings a tear to my eye. We probably won't see truely massive progress that we Americans are used to seeing for a few decades still, but just your description of the Afganis getting to vote is very inspiring.

:) Thx for a great presentation at Ignite!

Gregory Wendt, CFP said...



Right on.

Black Dove said...

Hi Liz. I'm so proud of you and glad you made it home safe and sound to encourage the rest of us wannabe adventurers. Such an intriguing story delivered by a delightful woman, you.

Peace & Love, Black Dove.